Beaucoup d’Amour


Beaucoup d’Amour (= means “lots of love” in French) – I love to wear this message on my shirt. Because I believe what’s most important in life is to LOVE! Love people. Love life. And do what you love. Love does.

I wanted to show you how to wear a leatherskirt (or just a skirt with leather effect) during summer. I combined my skirt with a simple “message-tee”, a cute bag, sandals, chains and wavy hair. The pairing gives you a fun, but still chic and sophisticated look. Especially in summer I like to wear white and gold which fits perfectly to your summer tan.

Style lies in the details: ad a colorful stole to your bag, put on jewelry, and a smile is still the best accessory in the world!

Beaucoup d’Amour,


What I was wearing:

Skirt, Vero Moda // Shirt, H&M // Sandals, from a little shop in France // Chain Necklace, Primark // Chain Bracelet, H&M // Bag, L. Credi // Stole, Hermès


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