Neon Splash




Neon. Surfing. Blessed- Clothes and Lifestyle. 

Dear Blogreader

Today is all about neons. What a crazy style! Usually I’m not the “all over color”-girl, but this outfit was just too much fun to not wear it. It reminds me of beaches, cocktails, surfing and sunsets. Dreaming… If you don’t want to wear as much neon as I did, you can just ad one statement piece in neon to a simple and plain outfit. Neons works very well with white, and as accessory.

As for hair- my friend Sarina (the great eye behind these photos, thanks girl!) did the fishtail braid. She thought me how to do it, and it’s actually not that hard. But guess what- I just can’t do it myself! Trust me, I tried. It ends up looking like a weird braid done by a kid or something. I guess I’m just too impatient to do it. Hope you guys are more patient with hair than I am lol

I dedicate this post to my brother and his label “blessed- clothes and lifestyle”. I am wearing a blessed watch and surf cap. I like both of these accessories a lot because they match to so many different summer outfits. And white is an all time summer favorite! The blessed watch comes in 10 fun colors.  If you’re interested, go have a look in the blessed online shop, here. blessed is a sporty label that puts fair-trade (Max Havelaar) and quality first. In 2012 the blessed CEO, Simon Georg, went to visit different factories in Bangladesh (of course not from Max Havelaar). He and his team were shocked about the terrible circumstances on-site. That’s when he decided to start the blessed Foundation. This non-profit organization has aimed to provide a better future to the many poor children in Bangladesh through various projects. If you want to have more information about blessed and the blessed foundation go have a look at their website here.

Let’s all try to make this world a better place! It doesn’t have to be the foundation of a non-profit organization. You can make a difference by buying fair-trade clothing once in a while, by smiling at a sad looking stranger, by helping out a friend who is in need, by encouraging others to live their dreams, and by trying to be the best person you can be.



What I was wearing:

Cap, blessed / Watch, blessed / Shorts, Primark / Shirt, H&M / Bikini Top, H&M / Jewelry, Primark / Sunnies, from a little shop in Nice


One comment

  1. Blessings Sarah,

    Some how I came across your blog. Very colorful, beautiful, and energetic. You have great style and this outfit looks fabulous on you. Many blessings to you, God willing you should check out my blog.

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