And suddenly she turns around…



It’s not long, it’s not short…it’s both! Being versatile is not just a “skirt-thing”. Ladies, don’t we all love to change from time to time? Trends like the high-low skirt give us the opportunity to experiment around with new looks. Nevertheless, as it is with all trends: wear only what you really “are”! Or with the words of Oscar Wilde: “Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken.”

I’m wearing the high-low skirt very casual with a cute top, flats, sunnies and a cocktail ring. But you can definitely dress this skirt up with a blouse and heels. I did some “field-research” and found out that most of the guys don’t really like these skirts. It probably confuses them if a woman with a long skirt turns around and suddenly “hello”: legs! lol. But anyway ladies, don’t worry about it. If you are being you, everything is perfectly fine.

As for hair: I use a big curling iron. The trick is not to pinch the hair in as you usually would, but by turning a strand of hair of about 4cm around it. Hold it for 10 seconds. In the end flip through your hair with your fingers, and “mess it up” a bit.

I hope you found some inspiration today, and now: happy weekend!

Love, Sarah

P.S.: Just a quick posting today, since I’m studying for my exams.

What I was wearing:

High-low skirt, H&M / Top, EDC by Esprit / Sandals, EDC by Esprit / Sunnies, Guess / Cocktail Ring, Six Accessories / Watch, Fossil


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  1. Hm, diese Kombi sehe habe ich diesen Sommer recht häufig gesehen. Ich glaube, ich brauche mindestens noch eine Saison, um mich daran zu gewöhnen.

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