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Olive & Gold

Yellow leaves. Pumpkin Spice Latte. My green parka. Only a few things I love about fall. Advertisements

Beauty Photography

“The camera is an instrument that  teaches people how to see the world without a camera.” Dorothea Lange

Pink Lips & Top Knot

“Maybe it’s NOT Maybelline. Maybe you were just born with it.” (Mandy Hale)

Boyfriend Jeans

Summer, please don’t leave! Today I share with you a great outfit for late summer and beginning of fall: Structured boyfriend jeans (they can also fit much looser than mine) with a simple lace tank top and red heels.

And suddenly she turns around…

It’s not long, it’s not short…it’s both! Being versatile is not just a “skirt-thing”. Ladies, don’t we all love to change from time to time? Trends like the high-low skirt give us the opportunity to experiment around with new looks. Nevertheless, as it is with all trends: wear only what you really “are”! Or with […]

Neon Splash

Neon. Surfing. Blessed- Clothes and Lifestyle. 

Shorts. Lace. Feathers.

I have been wearing my colored denim shorts all summer long! Paired with a white lace top or blouse, and feathers you have the perfect outfit for an afternoon with the ladies, to go shopping or to go out on a warm summer evening.

Beaucoup d’Amour

Beaucoup d’Amour (= means “lots of love” in French) – I love to wear this message on my shirt. Because I believe what’s most important in life is to LOVE! Love people. Love life. And do what you love. Love does.

Coral Dress

The challenge: Find the perfect outfit for an outdoor country wedding! I decided to go for a coral dress…

Marine Look

Hey there! I’m finally back on track with some new posts. Let’s start it off with the all time summer favorite “Marine Look”. This style is very simple, and everyone can wear it.