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Biker Boots

Biker Boots- I’ve been looking for the perfect pair for quite a long time. I wanted to find Biker Boots that aren’t too bold but  still add a bit of the “rock-chic” to the outfit. Then I found this awesome pair of Biker Boots at S.Oliver, even on sale. Love it! Advertisements


I hope that the color “bordeaux”  isn’t just a one season fling, because I really really like this color! It perfectly matches with winters typical black, greys and browns.

Snow white and sequins

The last few weeks I have fallen for fake fur vests and sequins!

Winter Styling

Dear Blogreader! Finally my exams are done and I’m so ready to enjoy the festive christmas time and have more time to invest in WhenSheWalks. Today I share with you some of my favorite winter styling ideas that I caught from Pinterest.

Cuddle up!

They just announced that there might be snow coming up next weekend! What a surprise after the last sunny  and warm days. I think I’m going to grab my fake fur coat out of the closet- just in case it’s getting REALLY cold…